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Fessing up on My Fantasy Season

New York Baroque Dance Company; Photo by Louis Forget
Hey there, thanks for visiting and for letting me make things up as part of “The Arthropologist’s fantasy season on Culturemap.” I highly recommend it; it’s way cheaper than therapy too.  And now the truth. Da Camera did bring in Esperanza Spalding a few years back, and happily, Houston knew exactly who she was and the show sold out. This year, The Bad Plus does in fact return as part of Rites of Spring on May 5. I was out of town for The Tiger Lillies the last time SPA brought them in as part of Holy Body Tattoo, so I’m overjoyed that SPA is bringing them in on Nov. 4. I had a case of the Jet Blues (as in stranded in a New York snow storm with a no chance in hell of returning with my Jet Blue ticket)  when the New York Baroque Dance Company was last in Houston, so I’m  thrilled to see them on the Ars Lyrica bill as part of  Heaven and Hell on June 8.
The Seattle-based duo Zoe/Juniper comes to DiverseWorks on Jan. 19-21, but you can catch them at Jacob’s Pillow on July 20-24.
I did have a conversation with Maxine Silberstein, staring at the Dance Magazine cover with Andrea Miller of Gallim Dance on it and mumbled, “Hey, about Gallim Dance?” Silberstein did the groundwork,  finding the company a perfect fit.  It’s going to be one exciting Dance Month. Although Stark Naked Theatre Company has yet to schedule Ed Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, I did have a conversation with Kim Tobin Lehl on such a possibility. One can only hope.

Members of BalletX in Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's Castrati

OK, so Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s work is not coming to Houston, but it has graced the Dance Salad bill numerous times.  She’s premiering a brand new work for BalletX any minute and was kind enough to send me this lovely photo.

KEIGWIN + COMPANY  in Runaway. Photo by Christopher Duggan

At the moment there are no plans for KEIGWIN + COMPANY to come to Houston, Larry Keigwin, however, is coming to Houston  to set Caffeinated on The Met.  So there!

It’s not too early to get excited by Gallim Dance headlining JCC’s Dance Month 2012

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