Wendy Wagner at Darke Gallery

Wendy Wagner In Hoppity Horse Heaven Mixed media painting on canvas, 50″ x 50″, 2010

I always get a big mental boost when I see work by Wendy Wagner. It’s like a bolt of strange that sets me straight. She brings us into her enchanting world in Once Uponse a Time in the Land of O-Poppida …with new paintings, prints, ceramics, installation art and animation at DARKE | gallery. Here, Wagner moves into portraiture embedded in her distressed surfaces, creating a calm/not calm dynamic.  The wall sculptures are simply delicious.  I want a Wendy Wagner house.  A movie too.  There’s just so much wit in her work. Stills from her animation amplify her characteristic unsettling atmosphere.

Imagine whimsy on steroids, cartoons with punch and a delicious range of media, and you can get an idea of Wagner’s work. The 2008 Hunting Art Prize winner conjures her signature brand of virtuoso weird, daring to get dangerously close to sentimental in her investigation of memory, dreams and the anatomy of  “cute.”  Oh, and her dog is in some of the pictures.

On display through June 10, with installation and artworks continuing in the upstairs gallery through July 9

Reprinted from Culturemap.

Beam Me Up by Wendy Wagner

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