Sarah Kane’s Crave/Catastrophic Theatre

News_Crave_Catastrophic Theatre_Greg Dean_Matthew Carter_Mikelle Johnson_ Carolyn Houston Boone

From Catastrophic Theatre’s “Crave,” Greg Dean, from left, Matthew Carter, Mikelle Johnson and Carolyn Houston Boone
Photo by Anthony Rathbun

The Catastrophic Theatre lives up to its name with Sarah Kane’s Crave, fiercely performed by Matthew Carter, Greg Dean, Carolyn Houston Boone and Mikelle Johnson, directed by Jason Nodler. More of a tone poem that a straight play, Crave takes us inside love, loss, confusion and despair as four characters confess, listen and respond, in a literary form that borrows from choral music’s structure.

A feast for the ears and heart, it’s powerful stuff and all going done in 40 intense minutes. It’s not linear yet it’s cohesion as a piece is profound.

The performers never leave their chairs either. Kane is considered one of the most important and revolutionary voices in theater of the past two decades.This is a rare chance to see the British playwright’s work and a stunning production with a bare but effective set by Greg Dean, ominous lighting by Kevin Taylor and eerie sound design by Chris Bakos.

Every show is pay what you can.” Runs through June 4 at DiverseWorks.

Reprinted from Culturemap.

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