Dancehunter Endorses OBAMA

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It’s time for Dancehunter to come clean and officially endorse Obama. Apparently, the Dancehunter has company. The Houston Chronicle has just endorsed Barack Obama. Way to go chron! (Read my most recent Chronicle preview on Cabaret Unkempt.)

Why am I for Obama? First off, he can win, and with all that’s at stake that’s mighty important. More war, more erosion of our civil liberties, more children in poverty, fearmongering, and no chance of a move towards health care for all. That’s what we will get with McCain, and probably something worse.

Second, we need a fresh start. Do we really want the same family in the White House? As much as I respect Senator Clinton, there comes a time for new blood, and that time is now.

Third. There’s a lot of there there. Check it out the issues at

If you need more evidence that Obama is more than his persuasive prose this piece in The Huffington Post lays it all out nicely.

Curious about Obama’s views on the arts? Read Lisa Traiger’s blog.

What can you do? Decide who you support and do something. Join a group. Hey, join my group, Cypress for Obama, and you don’t even need to live in Cypress. We love everyone.

One more thing, don’t forget to vote on March 4th or early on February 19th, remember you have to return with proof that you voted at 7:15 to caucus.

Curious and concerned about all those “present” votes? Here’s a piece in The New York Times that explains it nicely.

This just in, Obama is schedule to appear on Tuesday at the Toyota Center. Here is the link for tickets.

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