Launching Dance Hunter

It all started one day when I found out my son (then age 13) was including tidbits of dance reviews on his livejournal. If he can review dance on his blog, I can certainly try. After all, I actually finished the 8th grade. Over dinner one night I asked him if he thought I could figure out how to “blog.” One could hear the “no” from several tables away. Sometimes you just have to prove your children wrong. Still in the baby blogging stage, it will take a while for me to start posting photos. It’s tough when my IT department still needs to finish his algebra homework.

Dance Hunter started when I tried to describe to someone what it is that I do. I have been involved in just about every end of dance. What I try to do best is look for signs of motion, everywhere, in my Feldenkrais students, on stage, in schools, in movies.

Dance is disappearing from the mainstream consciousness. Average people cannot name choreographers or other movement pioneers. Sure, there’s reasons for this. Movement reminds us that we have a body–a frightening thought to some. Dis-embodiment keeps dance at a distance. It doesn’t need to be this way.

I plan to include my own take on reviews, previews, post-views, dance findings, dance facts, somatic news, and reports on the big, largely uncovered, world of movement.

Dance and movement writing is disappearing at an alarming rate. A tiny amount of print is available for dance. A grassroots response is far superior to complaining. I’ve done my share of whining without tangible results. Blogging seems the way to go.

Dance is out there. Someone needs to go and hunt it down. I have appointed myself to be that person. I really have no idea what I am doing. And, that has stopped me before, but not now. Wish me luck!


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